Denis "ST" {France} [1978] (Acid Folk)

Rare as hell! Is it good then? You ask. Yes it is mellow songs acustic guitar and xylophone and some other cool instruments. The vinyl was problably made in less then 100 copies and released on the tiny Baba Cool System label. He lived in a hippie community and recorded the songs between 68-78 and then released this one.
The best track is the 10 min song. I get some Comus wibes when I listen to it.
(I don't think Denis complain if we upload this one)

Download link in comments


  1. is there any way you can re-up this, sweedie? i never got a chance to listen... :x

  2. hi!! I m realy suprise to see this incredible LP on net. Denis was married in the seventies with my aunt, (Isabel Jimenez) who sang in this record in one song. I have one copy of this record and for me it s a precious jewel of folkpsych music!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can you please re-upload this? :)