Marsyas - Kousek Přízně & Pieces Of Favour (Folk rock band from Czechoslovakia)

Marsyas was formed as Folk Rock group in 1973 in former Czechoslovakia. After first years they made lot of changes in musicians. Their first album was released in 1978. They still playing together. Band Members:
Zuzana Michnová - vocals, acoustic guitar
Petr Kalandra - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Jiří Vondráček - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Pavel Skála - vocals, electric guitar

I posting here their best LP: Kousek Přízně and his English version: Pieces of Favour

Kousek Přízně 1982 (Czech Version)
Kousek přízně

1. Na poslední chvíli
2. Blues navečer
3. Zlato a stříbro
4. Studená koupel
5. Od pondělí
6. Tajemství
7. Znamení býka
8. Podívám se zblízka
9. Výletní hnízdo
10. Za městem
11. Slunce a déšť


- Znamení býka

- Tajemství

- Od pondělí

- Za městem

- Týden

Pieces of Favour 1982 (English Version)

01 The last moment
02 Early evening blues
03 Gold and diamonds
04 From beginning
05 Since monday
06 A secret
07 The sign of taurus
08 Take a look from close by
09 Roadside inn
10 Meeting out of town
11 Fire and rain

English Version Track 1 (quality of rip in rar is much better)
Czech Version Track 1 (quality of rip in rar is much better)

I like more the czech version better vocals are on it but English have better acoustic guitar


  1. Kousek Přízně
    Pieces Of Favour

    Enjoy it

  2. thank you man, good band, great to hear that kind of folk!!!

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    thank you VERY much!

    Keep Up the great work


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  6. RE:rapid received a complaint
    Pretty obvious - it's equally obvious that the complaint was not made by the artists or the company. I have been looking for the band's CDs during my last 2 visits to Prague (last year and the year before) and could not find any. I am sure they have been out of print for quite some time...
    This is simply the work of some idiot. Too bad, I wish more people had a chance to hear Czech folk-rock music, it is some of the best I know...

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  8. all the best from Prague, Thanks for reminding Marsyas, they were great. Unfortunately P. Kalandra died few years ago and they are not playing any more :-(( I hope I will be able to dig some of my old bootlegs of them and post it somewhere.
    One from Prague