Terje Jesper & Joachim "ST" {Denmark} [1970] (Heavy Rock , Heavy Blues)

Terje Bandholdt on drums, Jesper Schmidt on guitar and Joachim Ussing on bass recorded this album in 1970 for famous Spectator Records in Denmark (Moses / Blues Addicts / Days). These record have been requested so why not upload it! If youre in to bands like Moses, Hairy Chapter etc. Give it a try!
Sorry this is not the release with the bonus tracks but who cares! Here it is.

Download link in comments.
Best wishes from Sweden


  1. Great post.I've been curious about this band for quite some time.This really is great hard bluesrock.Thanks alot!

  2. Thanks for your great blog!

    I am posting this comment more for testing reasons, because I found that a (quite long) comment I had made about Mariza Koch's album is not there. Maybe, I am doing something wrong.


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  4. awesome am always into some good heavy bluesrock.thanks

  5. Yes great album, i've tried to get some info on that band, but found nothing. Thank's for that from France.

  6. could I take the link to my blog. rtube.blogspot.com, this band is great..........

  7. sure man, take it pls..whatever you like take it

  8. is this link still working for everyone else? it doesn't seem to allow me to download it.