Dunaj - "Rosol" {Czech} [1990] (avant rock)

"Recorded in 1990, right after the Velvet Revolution, Rosol is one of Dunaj's most powerful achievements. The rhythm section of drummer Pavel Fajt and bassist Vladimír Václavek has never sounded this tight. Their complex patterns propel the songs in a precise direction while constantly shifting their components around. The dual guitar work of Jirí Kolsovsky and Jozef Ostransky is inventive, their detuned tones linking the group's sound to Ne Zhdali, No Safety, and the British avant rock wave of the early '90s. Rosol is a collection of memorable avant prog rock anthems. Here the punk energy of, say, Uz Jsme Doma has been replaced by heavy, tortured atmospheres of rock-in-opposition lineage, which doesn't mean the songs turn out theatrical or bombastic -- far from it, unless you consider Pere Ubu symphonic. The title track, the creepy "Kobylky," and "Holé Hlavy" are among the best moments this album has to offer... This album provided the blueprint for the future music of Fajt, Rale, Boo, and most of the Czech avant rock scene. It's an essential. ~ François Couture, All Music Guide"


1. Ouvertura 3:51
2. Rosol 2:50
3. Bobrik strachu 3:57
4. Blecha 3:32
5. Na jih 4:40
6. Kejva 4:13
7. Kobylky 5:35
8. Cassiniho deleni 3:50
9. Mazacek 3:48
10. Tichounce 6:08
11. Zivly 3:49
12. Cumilove 4:35
13. Hole hlavy 3:29

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  1. The link: http://lix.in/aa90d7

  2. The link doesn't work.

  3. The link works, but, the uploaded file seems strange based on the file name. It has a double file-extension .wav.mp3
    Which is it? :) Or is it neither?

  4. This is an MP3 file. The WAV part I somehow forgot to edit out of the file name. I suggest you disregard the extension, and just play the file as any other MP3.

  5. hi francois makes me happy to see your work about dunaj - one of my favorite groups. just one dude why you are so sure that kobylky and hole hlavy are among the best moments this album has to offer? thought this songs are great anyway especialy kobylky but I wouldn't say it' s the best what you can find here:)Marek