Svenska Löd Ab! "Hörselmat" {Sweden} [1971] (jazz-Rock/Fuison)

Some people says that this is the holy grail of swedish jazz groups. A very rare record only made in 200 copies. Maybe swedens best known guitar player are playing on this album Janne Schaffer he kicks ass! He later did a project also named Hörselamt with Gävleborgs Symphonic Orchestra and Björn J-son Lindh back in 1987 if you have ehard it tell me.
If you like really rocking jazz-rock fuison try this one.

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Best wishes from Sweden


  1. i must add this is really a nice mixture of blues, funk and jazz and the resuslt totally progressive inside, thanks ola! :)

  2. Sound Excellent. The track display "Den Dan Vi I Hugo"is a copy from "New York". One of Breaker Brothers first band with Billy Cobham on drums - Dreams 1970

  3. hello!thx this is great !
    Sithlord from Hungary

  4. Oh!i like this stuff,good jazz rocking music,thanks for sharing .

    Todd from Taiwan