Man "2 Ozs of Plastic With a Hole in the Middle"{Wales}[1969](Progressive/Rock)

Following up as requested with a double bonus on the second Man album. First bonus is that this is the recently released "And In The Beginning" reissue with bonus tracks. Second bonus are the 2 "Best Club" mpg videos which must be the earliest recordings of Man that I know of.

I have the 1970 Hamburg bootleg "Honest One" which is probably the earliest album of Man Live and has many of the tracks from the Third album Man live on it.


Roger Leonard--Guitar, Harp, Piano, Percussion, Vocals
Clive John--Organ, Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Mike Jones--Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Jones--Drums, Percussion
Ray Williams--Bass

1. Prelude (1:49)
2. The Storm (5:07)
3. It Is as It Must Be (10:36)

1. Spunk Box (8:30)
2. My Name Is Jesus Smith (5:53)
3. Parchment and Candles (3:09)
4. Brother Arnold's Red and White Striped Tent (2:53)

CD Bonus Material
1. A Sad Song - Previously Unreleased - Early Version Of Grasshopper
2. Walkin' The Dogma - Early Version of Spunk Box
3. My Name Is Jesus Smith - Previously Unreleased Version

1969 Beat Club MPG Video
1. 2.30 Definitely
2. Brother Arnold's Red And White Striped Tent
Here is a reduced size clip of Micky from the Beat Club Video in glorious Black And White.

Also (in the comments) is a minor Discography.

Please note the Beat Club videos have separate links as some people do not want video at all. Whereas those who already have this album may want the video on it's own.

The second album whilst being less ambitious than the first was still a great thing to hear. Some great tracks "Prelude- The Storm" "It Is As It Must Be" and "Spunk Box" being my faves.


  1. 2 Ozs @ 320

    Beat Club

  2. Others that I do not have (Yet)
    Doing A Moonlight - 1976 Rockfield (with Alkatraz) (Clive John)
    Freedom And Chains - 2005 Angel Air (with Deke Leonard)

    Martin Ace:
    Big Smash - 1980 Stiff (with Wreckless Eric)
    Tenement Steps - 1979 Virgin (with The Motors)

    Deke Leonard:
    Yachtless - 1977 Berserkly (with Tyla Gang)
    The Last Stroll - 1980 CBS (with Walter Egan)

    Plus Malcolm Morley has other releases.
    There are Official Bootlegs that I do not have and also there are some
    Donovan's Brain releases that I need.

  3. I'd love to hear that Man boot. Plesae post it! Would love to hear live versions off their 3rd


  4. Please, do you re-post it the Man's 2 ozs of plastic with a hole......
    Thanks in advance.Would be fantastic to post something of Man's stuff.