Syrinx - "Syrinx" & "Long Lost Relatives" {Canada} [70,71] (electro)

John Mills-Cockell (piano, organ) founded the worldbeat group Syrinx in 1970 with drummer/vocalist Malcolm Tomlinson, percussionist Allan Wells and saxophonist Doug Pringle. The band released four albums: Syrinx (1970), Long Lost Relatives (1971), Neon Acclerando (1976) and Gateway: A New Music Adventure (1977). Syrinx broke up in 1979, but Mills-Cockell returned a year later with a new project, JFC Heartbeat.(


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  2. Thanks for posting these, they sound better than ever! A very unique Canadian band, however the allmusic writeup is right off the mark. Syrinx was a visionary electronic music trio founded by John Mills-Cockell (synthesizers and keyboards) with Alan Wells (percussion) and Doug Pringle (saxophones). They recorded only 2 albums, Syrinx (1970) and Long Lost Relatives (1971). Malcolm Tomlinson did join the group later, but no recordings with him were ever released. The group broke up in 1972, and Mills-Cockell released the following solo albums: Heartbeat (1973), A Third Testament (1974), Gateway (1982, released in the U.K. as Neon Accelerando), and Do You Hear The Rushing River (1995). Before Syrinx, he was a member of Intersystems, who released 3 albums: Number One (1967), Peachy (1967), and Free Psychedelic Poster Inside (1968). Intersystems were more freeform avant-garde with spoken word. He does a lot of theatre & film soundtrack work now. His latest recording is Concerto Of Deliverance (2004).

  3. Really thanks Mister Nahavanda...
    I can't stop hearing this album...
    It remind me best albums of french "Philippe Guerre".
    Syrinx is a group I didn't know and now I want to discover 3 other albums.
    Thanks !


  4. These are awesome albums.

    And to anybody else reading this, I believe Mutant Sounds has all three of the Intersystems albums, and they are utterly amazing, and shockingly ahead of their time. When I heard their first album, I was convinced that there was no way it was from 1968.

  5. i found a somewhat damaged copy of this vynil album and transfered it to mp3 in case anyone is interested.

    has this ever come out on CD?
    i would love to find a CD of this! dot com

  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for the two SYRINX albums: Syrinx and Long Lost Relatives. Does anyone know where I can find them, on vinyl, CD, or in mp3? Thanks a gazillion!
    :-) You can reach me at:

  7. Thank you very much.
    I heard this band in a short film by Cronenberg. And since this day I hope to find them.

  8. Thanks for these, they were one of the huge formative influences of my youth - and not just because "Here Come the Seventies" had a girl with a nice bum walking naked into the sea during the fantastic intro with "Tillicum" as the theme. Syrinx now has a myspace site BTW at

  9. Long Lost Relatives is undoubtedly one of the best albums of all time. Songs such as Field Hymn from melodic masterpieces to something very cerebral with dark brooding undertones when played at higher volumes. Utterly fantastic. Both albums are available through the composer's website at a nominal cost on CD. Timeless and Brilliant!

  10. John Mills-Cockell's recently released album, Concerto of Deliverance, along with excerpts, are at ingenious work!