Banda Elastica - "1. Album" {Mexico} [1985] (RIO/Avant-Fusion)

Citing GEPR: "A very RIO sounding Mexican sextet, featuring guitars, drums, marimbas, bass, keyboards and sax/clarinet, with guests on violin/viola and flute. Their sound is a highly spirited blend of modern progressive, electrified jazz and ethnic influences. A few tracks feature vocals". An excellent avant-fusion effort from one of the finest Mexican bands which sounds pretty much like nothing else. This is their debute album, rather melodic and accessible compared to the band's more challenging and avantgarde subsequent works.


1. Infantes Terribles
2. Alto A La Caceria
3. Derrumbes En Almibar
4. Aun Pero
5. Salon Victoria
6. Pesadilla
7. Infrasapienz
8. Quepocalipsis

The link is to be found in the comments.


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  2. hello!thx this is great music!
    Sithlord from Hungary

  3. excellent. Thanks a lot.
    if you happen to have the second album, please post it.

    Francisco Ayes

  4. I do have the second album, and I will post it in a week or so. I'd be happy if someone could post 'Maquizcoalt', that's the only one I've never heard.

  5. Very Good, thanks!!!

    Do you have album of the NAZCA? Maxican band of R.I.O/Avant Prog???

  6. I do have Nazca's 1st and Estacion de Sombras. I will look for then and will upload them via Badongo if you can post for me. Can you?

  7. Sure I can! Please send the links and I will get them posted.

  8. PS: Please post the link here, I don't have access to the PNF email.

  9. Hi again.
    The link to Nazca's 1st album is here. Thanks.
    If anyone is interested in the 2nd let me know.