Captain Marryat - "Captain Marryat" {UK} [1974]

Named after the 19th Century mariner and novelist, this Glaswegian band made just one privately-pressed LP. Its back cover announces that ‘Captain Marryat is a Scottish band, and have been playing together for just under a year. They already have a sizeable following in the pubs n’ clubs circuit and this, their first LP, is a sample of the music that brought them success’. The line-up was Tommy Hendry (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ian McEleny (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Allan Bryce (organ, vocals), Hugh Finnegan (bass, vocals) and Jimmy Rorrison (sic) (drums, vocals). They were originally intending to record a single, but the engineer at the Glasgow studio they’d booked told them that there was time enough to make a whole album. They therefore taped five tracks they’d already written (‘Blindness’, ‘It Happened To Me’, ‘A Friend’, ‘Songwriter’s Lament’ and ‘Changes’) and finished the LP with an improvised jam (‘Dance Of Thor’). The result came in a drab flipback sleeve, and according to one dealer is ‘a progressive rock rarity with psych flourishes – doom-laden organ plus acid guitar riffs and strong male vocals’. The 250 copies pressed were sold at gigs, and two that surfaced on eBay in late 2008 went for around £3000 each. (RMJ)

A1 Blindness
A2 It Happened to Me
A3 A Friend
B1 Songwriter's Lament
B2 Changes
B3 Dance of Thor

- Jimmy Rorrison - Vocals/Drums
- Hugh Finnegan - Bass/Vocals
- Allan Bryce - Organ/Vocals
- Tommy Hendry - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
- Ian McEleny - Lead Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

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A1 Blindness
B3 Dance of Thor

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  1. i`d never thought to even know this existed..its much appreciated and thanks so much Munju

  2. Ends rather suddenly doesn't it?!

  3. Hey, wow, this is excellent. For some reason the obscure Scottish bands always turn out to be great (like Tentacle)!

    Does the last track cut off on the original?

  4. Шикарно! =)

  5. Wow!!! This album is good. Really incredible. A rare gem. Thank you.

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  8. Absolut good Stuff,hope that there will be a CD Sometimes.Thanks

  9. new link with track 6 complete, tracks separate and vbr format

  10. Thanks for a good record, I've bought it some months ago in a vinyl reissue and it's nice to have it available to listen in the car or mp3 player.
    Nice music throughout all the blog,
    Keep going!