I Pyranas - "Tanti Successi Per i Pyranas" {Italy} [1969] (beat fusion/early prog)

the only english review that i found at google -taken from ebay vinyl listings-;
"Tanti Successi Per I Pyranas Lp. Original Italian pressing on RCA ARC label (ALPS 11014), from circa 1970. Seldom heard and obscure session from this cult group! I Pyranas were the Italian equivalent of, say, the Ivan Jullien big band and there is even speculation that the 2 were possibly involved in joint projects?!? The name Jullien appears as a writer on the label and this Lp includes Mohawks style hammond tunes, one of which is called Wake the Monster (complete with funky drum breaks on the intro) that is also the name given to a track on Ivan Jullien's Riviera No 1 Lp! Whatever, I Pyranas really were a funky bunch with a psych jazz / mod jazz sound, blasting horn section and they could also sing! Expect raw hammond solos / clipped funky guitar riffs / tuff drumming / groovy congas / psychedelic soul covers / funky mod tunes et al on here! Great stuff for DJs so listen to the soundclip. Rumours aside, this is a record with similar motifs to certain UK hammond exploitation sessions like the Sugar Loaf - Soul Struttin' Lp. I Pyranas are one of our favourite bands of all time too"

not my rip, nor my friends, it may also be sent to other blogs as well, i knew the name of the band for a long time, but i was somehow expecting that this band is yet another boring flower power pop/beat, i was wrong, i cant stop myself to listen some songs over and over again, there are 3 more albums from same band which i would like to listen, if any friend have them, make me happy :) well Enjoy!


  1. This might be one of your best posts... ever!

    Doesn't matter if it wasn't your rip to begin with... you exercised the top-notch judgment to repost it!

  2. Love that Hammond B3 sound, cool acid-jazzy mod freak stuff!
    Thanks :)